How It Works

How it Works

Simply sign up and then download the app.

Only admitted attorneys and advocates in South Africa.
Sign up at, and once your details are verified, you will be sent an email with your login details.
Select menu item ‘My Account’ and then click on ‘Edit Details’. To edit details of your membership and payment details, select ‘My Account’ on the menu and then click on ‘Update Membership’. Should you require assistance to update your profile information, you may email your updated information and your professional picture to
This means that this attorney or advocate has not yet registered on Advocates Online. The information reflects as ‘not verified’ because they would not have verified that their information is correct.
Please email the details to That attorney or advocate whose details are outdated/incorrect can complete the ‘sign up’ form on the website and they can then update their own details.
1. On you clicking ‘Finalise brief Request’, the advocate will receive a notification on their phone and on email requesting them to respond to your request. The advocate has four hours to respond to your request.
2. On accepting or declining the brief, you will receive a notification on your phone and email.
3. Should the advocate not respond to your request within four hours, the system will automatically decline and you will need to choose an alternative advocate using the same process.
You have four hours. If you fail to respond within four hours of the brief request, the system will automatically decline the brief.
The system makes no arrangement beyond booking the advocate. The attorney will need to send the brief documents to the advocate and make the necessary payment arrangements in terms of the rules governing that society of advocates.
To update your calendar, just tap on the specific day to make yourself available or unavailable.
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You can find our Terms and Conditions here. Our terms includes the Privacy Policy.
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